Network & Security

Home Security and Surveillance:

Your home is a castle, and it needs to be protected for your families ultimate peace-of-mind. Dr Watts Smart Home & Security offers a variety of home security products designed to integrate security features into your day-to-day life.  Our systems provide 24/7 access from around the world and check-in capabilities from your mobile devices. 

We offer protection systems for fire, flood, carbon monoxide, temperature levels and much more.  We also have specialized systems for acreage owners. We can program the system to alert you, the authorities, or appropriate medical care in case of an emergency. You may also want to consider two-way voice communication, allowing you to talk directly with command center personnel for added protection.

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Our EXPERTS are family people and safety is our first concern. We work with you to design a security system that protects your family around the clock. Give us a call or use the form below to send us an email for more information. 


Home Networks:

Probably the most key system of todays home is your home network. It is much more than just connecting  a laptop or your Smart TV to the web. We now stream music, HD movies, control temperature, control lighting, lock doors, interface to home security systems and much more. 

Diverse capabilities require your network to be secure, stable and adaptable. The router in your home is more important than ever before. Simple networks can’t keep up with the streaming requirements for today’s equipment. In most cases, the standard router provided by your local telecom or cable company is not capable of meeting your “real world” needs. A solid network or router will enhance your day-to-day entertainment and make the experience enjoyable for the entire household.

Whether you start small by connecting your Smart TV or Automate your entire home; our EXPERTS at Dr Watts Smart Home & Security will qualify your lifestyle requirements, design and install network that delivers at FULL SPEED! We even offer Rural high speed options.